Some changes to appear in Version 1.0

There are a number of significant changes that I am planning to make in Version 1.0 of the book over the next several months, these will begin to appear in the ‘Unstable download’ version. This post contains a list of some of the planned (or already implemented) changes and the reasons for the changes, so … Read more

Version 0.5 released

There has been a very long delay since v0.4 was released, and the ‘unstable build’ of v0.5 has been stable (with the exception of a few minor typos being fixed) for a couple of years, so I have decided to officially release v0.5. As always, previous versions are accessible on the Archive page. The main … Read more

Version 0.4 released

Now that we are between academic terms, I have replaced v0.3 by v0.4. As always, previous versions are accessible on the Archive page. The changes are relatively minor, compared with previous version releases: Old Ch 2 (Sets and functions) has been split into two chapters in v0.4—Ch 2 (Sets) and Ch 3 (Functions)—with old §2.1 … Read more

Publication delayed

For the last few months I have been working hard to prepare the book for publication in August. It’s almost ready, too! However, for reasons outside of my control, I need to delay publishing it for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, I will continue working on the book in its current, free, open-source, online … Read more

Version 0.3 released

This is the final stretch on the road to the book being made available in physical form, hopefully in August. Organisation of material I have shuffled around some of the sections to increase the degree to which instructors are able to customise their courses. See below for how the new sections correspond with the sections … Read more

Version 0.2 released

Over the last few months, An Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics has undergone a large overhaul, which I think will significantly improve its usefulness for readers. The result is version 0.2, which is a ‘preview’ of what will—hopefully this summer—be the first print edition. What follows is a description of the major changes since version 0.1. … Read more