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Hi! I’m Clive Newstead, a PhD student in mathematics and a Yorkshireman living in America. My mathematical research uses the tools of category theory to investigate the interactions between logic, topology and abstract algebra. I am also interested in pedagogy, and particularly in how it relates to teaching mathematics at the post-secondary level.

This website serves two purposes. Its first and main purpose is to present my introductory pure mathematics textbook, An infinite descent into pure mathematics—more information about this on the home page. Its second purpose is to serve as a place for me to write about various topics relating to mathematics and mathematical education—this is the content of the blog.

The name Infinite Descent is a pun, referring both to a mathematical proof technique and to the way in which studying pure mathematics has the tendency to feel like falling down a rabbit hole. (It is perhaps no coincidence that Lewis Carroll was a pure mathematician…)

If you have questions concerning the textbook, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

My academic web page, which contains information about my research and teaching, as well as my contact information, is located here. I can also be found on Mathematics Stack Exchange.