Version 0.4 released

Now that we are between academic terms, I have replaced v0.3 by v0.4. As always, previous versions are accessible on the Archive page.

The changes are relatively minor, compared with previous version releases:

  • Old Ch 2 (Sets and functions) has been split into two chapters in v0.4—Ch 2 (Sets) and Ch 3 (Functions)—with old §2.1 (Sets and set operations) itself split into §2.1 (Sets and subsets) and §2.2 (Set operations) in the new version. This means that all chapters in v0.3 numbered 4 and above have seen their numbers increase by one. The content in these sections has not changed substantially.
  • Lots of typos in v0.3 have been fixed in v0.4, most of which are thanks to emails either sent to me directly from readers or forwarded to me by Profs John Mackey and Emily Riehl.
  • I have added more end-of-chapter exercises, and moved some in-chapter exercises to the end of the chapter. The most significant additions are the ‘true-false’ and ‘always-sometimes-never’ questions, inspired by the question format used to test conceptual understanding in the Math 290 linear algebra and multivariable calculus sequence at Northwestern.