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Hi! I’m Clive Newstead, a soon-to-be Assistant Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and a Yorkshireman living in America.

My mathematical research uses the tools of category theory to investigate the interactions between logic, topology and abstract algebra. I am also interested in pedagogy, and particularly in how it relates to teaching mathematics at the post-secondary level.

This website serves to house my introductory pure mathematics textbook, An Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics—more information about this on the home page.

The name Infinite Descent is a pun, referring both to a mathematical proof technique and to the way in which studying pure mathematics has the tendency to feel like falling down a rabbit hole. (It is perhaps no coincidence that Lewis Carroll was a pure mathematician…)

If you have questions concerning the textbook, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

See also my academic web page.