Information for instructors

If you are an instructor considering using An Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics to teach a course, please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. My contact information can be found on my academic web page.

More guidance for using this textbook for teaching a course will appear here in the (hopefully) not too distant future.


To date, An Infinite Descent into Pure Mathematics has been used to teach the following courses (instructor in parentheses).

At Carnegie Mellon University:

  • 21-127 Concepts of Mathematics: Summer 2015 (me), Spring 2017 (David Offner), Spring 2018 (Mary Radcliffe), Summer 2018 (Shaun Allison).
  • 21-128 Mathematical Concepts and Proofs: Fall 2016 (John Mackey), Fall 2017 (John Mackey), Fall 2018 (John Mackey).
  • 15-151 Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science: Fall 2016 (John Mackey), Summer 2017 (me), Fall 2017 (John Mackey), Fall 2018 (John Mackey).

15-xxx = Department of Computer Science
21-xxx = Department of Mathematical Sciences

At Northwestern University:

  • Math 300 Foundations of Higher Mathematics: Fall 2018 (me), Winter 2019 (me), Spring 2019 (Michael Maltenfort, Florian Richter).