Version 0.5 released

There has been a very long delay since v0.4 was released, and the ‘unstable build’ of v0.5 has been stable (with the exception of a few minor typos being fixed) for a couple of years, so I have decided to officially release v0.5. As always, previous versions are accessible on the Archive page.

The main changes since version 0.4 are:

  • Some of the material on finite and infinite sets has been moved from Part II to Part I as Chapter 6 (Finite and infinite sets): specifically, the old §7.1 (Finite sets) is now §6.1, and the old §9.1 (Countable and uncountable sets) is now §6.2. As a result, some other chapters’ and sections’ numbers have changed.
  • Many small typos and errors have been fixed—thank you very much to all the people who have contacted me to point them out!
  • More exercises have been added.
  • The different size options have been retired, but can still be created by modifying the source code (change the ‘0‘ on line 18 of book.tex to ‘1‘ for A4, ‘2‘ for US letter, ‘3‘ for tablet, and ‘4‘ for phone).

The issue that delayed the book’s publication has now (finally) been resolved, so I am now working towards the goal of publishing the book. I will be in touch with any exciting updates!